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Q:  What is the Multi-County Cancer Support Network?

A: The Multi-County Cancer Support Network (MCCSN) is a non-profit organization designed to provide emotional and educational support to cancer patients.  MCCSN also provides financial support to qualifying cancer patients while undergoing treatment.  The organization serves an eight-county area in the southern portion of Middle Tennessee.  The counties included are Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Grundy, Lincoln, Marion, Moore and Warren counties.   

Q:  How did this organization come to be?

A:  MCCSN was formed January of 1992, when a small group of people gathered at a local church to discuss the need for giving support to people diagnosed with the dreaded disease of cancer.  See the full story on the history website page.

Q.  How is MCCSN funded?

A.   MCCSN operates entirely on donations from the communities in the areas served.  A primary source of revenue comes from the annual MCCSN Walk-a-Thon held the first weekend in September at the stadium on Dinah Shore Boulevard in Winchester (next to the Franklin County Annex Building).  Various organizations sponsor fundraisers throughout the year benefiting MCCSN.  Donations, which can be in honor or in memory of friends and family members having experienced cancer, are another important source. 

Q.  I had never heard of the Multi-County Cancer Support Network.  Does MCCSN serve many  people in my area?

A. Yes, people in all the eight counties served receive assistance from MCCSN.  Perhaps it is because the founders were from Franklin and Coffee counties and with the office being located in Tullahoma that the organization is better known in those areas.  Word of mouth is the primary means of letting it be known there is an organized means of support for people experiencing cancer in the eight counties served.  If you or someone you know would like to volunteer to be a contact person for your area, please notify the MCCSN office manager at 800-497-4322 or e-mail

Q:  I have been diagnosed with cancer (or know somebody who has).  I would like to speak with someone who can help me.  How can I meet people associated with this organization or speak  with someone who knows what I’m going through?

A: Just call and speak with Office Manager Dottie Darnell at 931-967-0904 or 800-497-4322.  You may also visit the office in Decherd at 501 West Broad Street (hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 8:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. – closed for lunch: 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.).  You may also just show up at any of the meetings or events. Support meetings are held at the office on the first Thursdays in the months March, June, September and December, 6:30 p.m. The December meeting is also a Christmas party you will not want to miss.  The annual MCCSN Walk-a-Thon is the first weekend in September.

Q:  I would like to offer my services to Multi-County Cancer Support Network.  Who can tell me how to go about getting started as a volunteer and what can I do?

A: There are many volunteer opportunities at MCCSN.  Some are visiting the sick in the hospital and at home, helping prepare for and working at the annual MCCSN Walk-a-Thon, helping prepare monthly newsletters for mailing, or giving  support to cancer patients by attending the quarterly support meetings.  All it takes is a call  to the office to get involved.  By the way, not all MCCSN supporters have experienced cancer themselves, but know or have known others who have.  Also, see the Ways to support MCCSN  website page.





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